We produce sulfur and nitrogen analyzers as well as products for oil testing…


Oil and petrochemical industries, aeronautics & astronautics, steel plants, materials, environment…


We maintain a research and development center and a fully equipped service department…

About us

Thank you for visiting our website. At Photonlab we take pride in offering our customers suitable solutions by marrying high-value technologies with expertise and experience. If you are currently a customer, we hope that you enjoy reviewing some of our latest product and service developments. If you are new to our site, we hope to develop a long-term partnership with you.
Our long-term objectives for expanding into the analyzer market continue to be an essential element in the Company’s diversification program, aiming for further growth and sustainability.

New Products


Total Nitrogen/Sulfur Analyzer

MT100 B/ET/E

Ferromagnetic abrasive Particle Analyzer


Fully automatic kinematic viscometer


Fully automatic kinematic viscometer