PV100SS – Automatic Kinematic Viscometer

The PV100SS is a automatic kinematic viscometer for the rapid determination of the
kinematic viscosity of oils. The design with the one water baths with 4 testing units allows
for measuring the viscosity simultaneously. The device has been developed according to
the ASTM D7279 standard and has been on the market since 2016. The measurement
and the cleaning are carried out fully automatically and smartly according to preset


  • Measuring technique: ASTM D445, D7279
  • Measuring ranges: Detection range: 0.5-3000 cSt.
    Temperature range: 20-100°C
    Temperature stability: ±0.01°C
    Time accuracy: ±0.0025 seconds
  • Broad spectrum capillary: the measuring span of the capillary is 100-fold. Only 2 capillaries are required to cover the entire viscosity spectrum.
  • Minimum sample: 0,3 – 1 ml
  • Sample injection: intelligent autosampler with 24 sample positions
  • Water bath volume: 2×2 L
  • Temperature range: 20-120 ℃ (an additional cooler is required for target temperatures below 40 ℃).
  • Temperature deviation: 0.01 ℃
  • Time accuracy: ±0.0025 seconds


  • Stromversorgung: 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

  • Working temperature: 10 – 38℃

  • Relative humidity: < 80%RH


  • Measurement Speed: A standard measurement takes 2-3 minutes.
  • Automation: Integrates a windows-PC and a color touch screen. The entire measurement cycle and the cleaning and drying
    procedure can be operated automatically. Both capillaries are able to carry out tasks like analysis, cleaning and drying
    independently from each other.
  • Compatibility: The device is able to analyze both colorless and colored samples, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, cutting
    fluids, additives as well as new and used lubricating oils.
  • Sensitivity: The device no longer relies on the conventional quantification method using micropipettes, but has a secondary
    quantification function which controls the measurement conditions automatically and precisely. This avoids the
    restrictions and the deviations caused by the quantification using pipettes, and ensures an accurate measurement
  • Advanced Bath: The arc-shaped water bath has a volume of 8 liters. It is transparent and thermally insulated. The high-performance
    temperature controller with a digital display has an accuracy of up to +/-0.01°C. Both features ensure a short heating
    and balancing time. An extra spiral cooler allows for measurements at lower temperatures.
  • Cleaning and drying functionThe cleaning and drying functions are automatically optimized based on the given condition of each viscosity capillary. For small sample sizes and especially for heavy oil and oil residues, the integrated heating function ensures
    a perfect cleaning of the capillaries.