Total Nitrogen/Sulfur Analyzer

Determine the total nitrogen/sulfur content in solid, liquid and gaseous petroleum products.

Ferromagnetic abrasive Particle Analyzer

The concentration of ferromagnetic abrasive particles in various oil media can be determined within seconds.

Fully automatic kinematic viscometer

For the rapid determination of the kinematic viscosity of oils.

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Oil-Check Products

Once a lubricant is purchased, it becomes a valuable asset to your operation. Maximizing the value of this asset depends upon keeping the lubricant clean and closely monitoring its condition. That is why we have spent years developing our range of condition monitoring analyzers. Our two prerequisites when developing new products are that they provide higher value than anything offered by our competitors and that they simplify your maintenance and reliability program.

Condition Monitoring – A proper condition monitoring program should alert you to any potential lubricant problems and allow you to understand the optimum life of the lubricant. Changing the oil too late can be more expensive than changing it too early, because of the damage which may be caused. Our condition monitoring products allow you to change the lubricant at the right time.