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fully automated data processing system

Total Nitrogen/Sulfur Analyzer

The Total Nitrogen/Sulfur Analyzer features an integrated design, ease of operation and accurate measurement, and can be used to determine the total nitrogen/sulfur content in solid, liquid and gaseous petroleum products. The unique and creative design, accurate and precise analysis, and convenient operation are all features which make our Total Nitrogen/Sulfur Analyzer the best solution for the microanalysis of total nitrogen/sulfur content.

Typical Applications

  • Petrochemical industries
  • scientific research institutions and instrument companies/analytical laboratories
  • in-house QA/QC departments
  • commodity inspection
  • testing institutions

Analytical methods

Total sulfur analysis:
Ultraviolet fluorescence determines total sulfur content in accordance with ASTM D5453 D6667 D7183.

Total nitrogen analysis:
Chemiluminescence determines total nitrogen content in accordance with ASTM D4629 D5176 D5762 D6069 D7184.

Product Features

  • High sensitivity and broad detection range
  • Unique structure of rotating injector can prevent air interference and sulfur adsorption when solid or high viscosity samples are injected.
  • The “plug and play” constant speed liquid sampler dispenses with the need for a data transfer and power cable between sample injector and main unit, for greater convenience.
  • Sampler with vertical injection of solid or liquid samples reduces the footprint of the instrument.
  • Smaller, integrated, automated gas/liquid injector requires no extra space, its unique sampler uses air pressure balancing to prevent variations in the sample pressure causing variations in the amount of sample injected, and guarantees sample injection under consistent pressure and volume.
  • Pre-gasification technique for liquid samples can prevent bubbles generated in the sample tube from causing variations in the amount of sample injected.
  • Compared to polytube membrane dryer, the extension-monotube membrane dryer can dry the gas more efficiently without any carbon deposition.
  • Quick-change non-adsorbing filter in the outlet of the cracking tube prevents dryer and detector from being contaminated by carbon deposition.
  • Automatic thermal conduction mass flow controller, software provides automatic control of the gas flow rates and maintains a constant flow rate, providing precise and quantitative results by ensuring the actual flow rate is consistent with the calibration.
  • Straightforward software operation. All the parameters and functions such as calibration and analysis can be set up in the same screen.

Technical parameters

OvenAmbient to 1100 °C, accurate to 2.5 °C
Flow rate0-500 mL/min, accurate to 1.5 %
Detection range

sulfur 0.15 ppm ~ 10 %;nitrogen 0.05 ppm ~ 10 %

( without further dilution)

Detection limitsulfur 0.05 ppm;nitrogen 0.05 ppm

10 % (0 ppm – 5 ppm)

5 % (5 ppm – 100 ppm)

2,5 % (>100 ppm)

Product modules


Total Nitrogen Analyzer


Total Sulfur Analyzer


Total Nitrogen/Sulfur Analyzer